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Founded as Parisi Tuckpointing by Peter Parisi, Sr., his sons Peter, Andy, and James, have carried the company into its second generation. The Parisi family has been satisfying homeowners and businesses throughout Chicagoland by offering a variety of masonry services. Years of experience, competitive pricing, and top-quality work have earned Parisi Brothers Tuckpointing a reputation as a top notch contractor with an excellent customer service record.

The work involved in quality tuckpointing is labor-intensive. A lot of precision and attention to detail is needed to successfully fill structure-threatening holes in mortar and leave a finished product that is aesthetically pleasing. With years of experience spanning two generations, Parisi Brothers Tuckpointing has more than enough experience at providing a quality finished product that will last for years. In addition to tuckpointing, the brothers offer other services such as building cleaning, chimney replacement and repair, and glass block work.

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